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(April 2014) Enlarge The Star Fort, view looking west
Tour Guide:
This earthwork, along with several others around the perimeter of the stockade, was constructed to quell disturbances inside the prison and to guard against Union cavalry attacks
Bill Bechmann photo

The Star Fort Walter Kasperczyk photo
Marker (The Star Fort)
Walter Kasperczyk photo



(July 2001) Northeast view of the stockade from marker near the commandant's headquarters.
Panorama from the Commadant's Perspective
Marker (The Expanded Stockade)
Walter Kasperczyk photo
Marker for southwest corner of stockade at right center of photo.
Site Marker (The Commandant's Perspective):
From these heights near headquarters, Capt. Henry A. Wirz could observe everything within the prison walls. Envision the white post perimeter as the stockade; 30,000 human beings within that area; the din of all those voices, the groans from the hospital, the shouts of the guards, the smell of unwashed clothes and bodies. Today's landscape of quiet grass softens for us the images of Andersonville. Wirz, the prison commandant, did not have that luxury
The prison commandant, Capt. Henry A. Wirz, was responsible for maintaining order and discipline, imposing punishment and providing rations. In search of a scapegoat after the war, the federal government tried Wirz for "murder, in violation of the laws of war," and sentenced him to death
Some ten miles south of Andersonville, residents of Americus complained of the smell. By the summer of 1864, the stockade became so overcrowded that all those individual prisoners may have appeared as a single, shuffling organism

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(July 2001) Third hospital site, south of the stockade. The view is looking east. A Confederate earthwork near the southeast corner of the stockade is in the background

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(March 2010) Enlarge The Prison Hospital

Walter Kasperczyk photo

(April 2014) Stockade Branch (Only Source of Water for POWs)
Bill Bechmann photo

(July 2001) The "Sinks." Downstream end of Stockade Branch
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(March 2010) Enlarged view of the site marker which contains a wartime photo taken by Confederate, A. J. Riddle in August 1864. Providence Spring House and North Gate are in the background. Deadline post at right edge of photo

Walter Kasperczyk photo

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