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Photos on this page courtesy of Paul Stanfield, GA and William Cook, GA

(3-05) Enlarge Ringgold Gap from Anderson Cemetery in Ringgold
Paul Stanfield photo


(2005) Catoosa Springs,  not to be confused with Cherokee Springs
Interpretive Marker: Campaign for Atlanta began here
Paul Stanfield photos


(3-05) Enlarge Interpretive marker for Catoosa Springs (background). Marker is located on Keith Road, in Ringgold, GA
Paul Stanfield photo


(3-05) Enlarge Interpretive marker for Catoosa County, GA. Marker is located at the county court house, in Ringgold
Catoosa County Court House
Court House Interpretive Marker: Confederate Hospitals
Following 2-2007 Catoosa Springs photos courtesy of Paul Stanfield, GA

Historical marker at Catoosa Springs on Keith Road
Catoosa Springs
Keith Road and the rolling hills near the springs
Paul Stanfield photo


(3-05) Catoosa Station/Platform: A stop on the Western Atlantic Railroad, Catoosa platform stood on the eastern edge of the railroad roughly 1,000 ft. east of the modern Catoosa Platform. Descriptions of Catoosa platform indicate the presence there in 1863 of a station house that served in the wake of the battle of Missionary Ridge as Confederate General Braxton Bragg's headquarters and an army hospital
Paul Stanfield photo


(2008) Southbound train passing through Catoosa Station below Ringgold, GA
William Cook photo

(2008) Catoosa Station looking toward Ringgold
William Cook photo
  (2008) Road sign at Catoosa Station

More Catoosa Station photos (Catoosa Station, railroad bridge and earthworks)
William Cook photos

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