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Cherokee Springs site is located about two miles southeast of Ringgold
In the early years of the nineteenth century people living in the coastal areas and lowlands of the American South feared epidemics of yellow fever every summer. Affluent residents of these areas often sought summer homes in the uplands. To meet this need a number of resorts were developed as health spas. One such resort near Ringgold was called Cherokee Springs
In the fall of 1862, Ringgold became a center for Confederate Hospitals. The resort hotels at Catoosa Springs and Cherokee Springs, with their numerous guest cottages, also became hospitals


The Evans House site
The Evans house was a double-pen log structure located on the corner of Guyler and Nashville Streets in Ringgold. Before the war the widow Evans took in boarders at the house to provide an income for her family

On September 11, 1863 Federal forces from Van Cleves Division of the 21st Army Corps of the Army of the Cumberland invaded Ringgold from the west. At the same time, Colonel John T. Wilders Mounted Infantry Brigade invaded from the north. Living up to their nickname of Wilder's Thieves, the men of his brigade looted the stores and businesses of Ringgold. Mrs. Evans left her home to hide in the woods
Ringgold was invaded again on November 27. Mrs. Evans again hid in the woods, but this time when she returned she found Ringgold under Federal occupation. This situation continued for the rest of the war

(1-07) Enlarge Chestnut Flat historical marker  

(1-07) Old highway 95 at the Catoosa and Walker County, GA line

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