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(10-02) Old Stone Presbyterian Church. Used as a hospital after the battle of Ringgold Gap, the church still bears the scars of bullets, and blood stains on its floor
Stone Church Marker 1     Marker 2


(2008) Seventeen unknown Confederate graves near the Old Stone Presbyterian Church

Marker Reads:
Seventeen Confederate soldiers buried in this area who died in Conf hosps at Catoosa & Cherokee Springs 1862-63-64
Courtesy of William Cook, Fort Oglethorpe, GA


Facing east along the Western & Atlantic railroad toward the tunnels at Tunnel Hill. The modern tunnel is visible in the distance


Original tunnel, facing east. Andrews' locomotive, the General, emerged from the tunnel, pursued by the Texas (running backwards)


Close-up of original tunnel on the Dalton side
Marker (Western & Atlantic R/R Tunnel)    
Marker 2

  Original tunnel looking south
Courtesy of William Cook, GA

Original tunnel looking south Enlarge

More of original tunnel
Courtesy of William Cook, GA

  War time view of Tunnel Hill

(2014) Enlarge Atlanta Campaign heritage trail marker dedicated in 2014. Located at the tunnel hill heritage center

Courtesy of Paul Stanfield, TN


(2014) Enlarge Sherman neck ties display at the heritage center

Courtesy of Paul Stanfield, TN

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