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(5-03) The Clayton-Mooney House in Allatoona. It was used as a Hospital by Confederate forces. The blood stains are still visible on the upstairs floors
Photo by Scott Jackson
, GA

Wartime view of the Clayton-Mooney house


(9-03) Another view of the Clayton-Mooney House
Photo by Tim Barclay, GA

1993 aerial photo of Allatoona Pass area courtesy of TerraServerTeam and USGS
Wartime and modern views of the Village of Allatoona
Clayton-Mooney House Barclay
Wartime Allatoona Barclay


(9-03) This is the building that I believe is seen in the Geo. Barnard photo of Allatoona Pass after the battle. There is a small building that sits behind the stack of cross ties on the left side of the photo. Could this be that building? It is located in the correct area on the south side of the Clayton-Mooney house

Tim Barclay

Barnard photo mentioned above


(9-03) Enlarge Another view of the building shown in previous photo

Tim Barclay

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