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(10-02) Pilings of the original Western & Atlantic railroad bridge over the Etowah River south of Cassville (and Cartersville). Johnston burned the bridge as he retreated and it was rebuilt downstream. During the locomotive chase Andrews erred in not burning this bridge or destroying the small engine he saw on a siding nearby. His pursuers, arriving on a handcar, were able to appropriate the engine and give chase
Wartime View
Don Worth photo


(4-2014) Enlarge Another view of the wartime Western & Atlantic railroad bridge piers

Bill Bechman photo



(10-02) Sherman built a blockhouse on this hill to defend the railroad
Panorama: Blockhouse and wartime bridge site
Don Worth photo


(5-03) Ruins of Mark Anthony Cooper's Iron Works. Destroyed May 22, 1864 by Sherman's forces. The Cooper Iron Works included a rolling mill, nail factory and flour mill
Scott Jackson

(4-2014) Enlarge Cooper's Iron Works

Bill Bechman photo

  (5-03) Cooper's Iron Works
Scott Jackson photo
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