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A. B. Reading & Brother Foundry
A. M. Paxton & Company Foundry
Anchors to Windward
Balfour House
Bethel A.M.E. Church
Captains' Kain House
Carter L. Stevenson's HQ
Castle Hill
Cedar Grove  2
Christ Episcopal Church
Cobb House
Constitution Firehouse

Duff Green Mansion
Ferguson House
Fleckenstein - Coccard Gro. Store (1839)
George Washington Ball House
Glass Bayou Bridge
Greek Revival House (1855)
Hansford House
Harwood House & Battery
Linden Plantation
Luckett Compound
Lum House
Marine Hospital & Battery
Martha Vick Home
Martin L. Smith's HQ
McNutt House
Old Depot Museum  
Old Warren County Court House
Old Warren County Jail
Plain Gables
Planters Hall
St. Paul's Catholic Church
Stephen D. Lee Siege HQ
Wartime Railroad Station
Willis-Cowan House (Pemberton's HQ)

(3-95) Balfour House (1835). Corner of Cherry and Crawford. Home of famous Vicksburg siege diarist Emma Balfour. Was the setting for one of the most dramatic moments in Vicksburg history when the Balfours hosted a Christmas Eve ball in 1862 for Confederate officers and their ladies. A little past midnight a courier interrupted the festivities to deliver a message to Gen. M. L. Smith. The General. read the note and then announced, "This ball is at an end. The enemy are coming down the river." What followed was the Battle of Chickasaw Bayou. Shell damage visible inside and out
Additional Balfour House photos
Balfour's burial site

The Balfour House in 1866. Shell damage can be seen on the side of the house above the left second story window.  The repair can be seen in the 1995 photo at left


(5-2013) Enlarge Front of Balfour House
James Neel photo


(3-2011) Enlarge Balfour House and Pemberton's Siege Headquarters (left)


(3-92) Cobb House (1860). Across Crawford Street from the Balfour House. Originally three stories with a four column front porch, the top floor was removed later. The Sisters of Mercy established a children's academy, St. Catherine's, here in 1860. It was used as a barracks, first for the Confederates before the surrender, and later by Federal Gen. Henry Slocum. The building was damaged from Union shells, the upper floor was struck and two of the porch columns were knocked down. It was returned to the sisters in 1864

(3-2011) Enlarge

(3-2011) Enlarge Planters Hall ( 1834). 822 Main Street. Originally a bank, the first in Vicksburg, it was forced to close its doors as a result of the Specie Circular issued by President Andrew Jackson. Home of famous Vicksburg figure, Lucy McRae. The building contains the original vault and wine cellar

(3-2011) Enlarge Planters Hall and detached kitchen   (3-05) Enlarge Detached kitchen

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