Vicksburg Campaign, a Virtual Tour
Marine Hospital and Battery

(3-05) Enlarge Marine Hospital site, looking west. Site Marker: U.S. Marine Hospital - Established, 1853, for care of ill or disabled merchant seamen. Three-story brick building on this site was used as hospital until 1873 and demolished in 1892. Yazoo Diversion Canal (old bed of the Mississippi River) in background


(3-05) Enlarge Battery #11, Marine Hospital Battery: Pearl St., between Speed and Fairgrounds. The largest and most powerful of the river batteries. The battery was situated parallel to the R/R tracks (post-war) and extended the length of the picture above. Located here were Batteries B, C, D, 1st Louisiana Heavy Artillery and Detachment 22d Louisiana Infantry. Three 42-pounder smoothbores, two 32-pounder smoothbores, and two 32-pounder rifles were mounted in the battery. Site Marker west of Marine Hospital Site: C.S. Company C. 1st Louisiana Heavy Artillery: River Batteries: Army of Vicksburg. Capt. John H. Lamon. The company served two 42-pounder smoothbore guns in this position, Marine Hospital Battery, from May 18 to the end of the defense, July 4, 1863

(3-2011) Enlarge Marine Hospital site, looking east  

(3-2011) Enlarge Hospital and battery site, looking south


(3-2011) Enlarge Marine Hospital battery site, looking south. Battery marker at right center of picture. Text of marker below photo 2

  Enlarge Marine Hospital

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