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Vicksburg's Old Court House Museum
1008 Cherry St.
Vicksburg, MS 39183
(601) 636-0741
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The Old Warren County Courthouse, Vicksburg Mississippi was dedicated 16 June 1858. Built by Weldon Brothers, Antrim, Ireland, using 100 trained slaves. The brick used in construction was burned on the job site and the legend has it that sugar was used in the mortar for added strength. The exterior was given a smooth cement finish. The cast iron capitals, doors and stairway was furnished by the Baker Iron Company, Cincinnati, Ohio and shipped by boat to Vicksburg. It was from the tower that forces of General U.S. Grant brought down the Confederate flag at the fall of Vicksburg 4 July 1863. The Old Court House remained unaltered from the 47 day siege, until 1907 when a stucco finish was applied to the exterior. In 1939 a new Warren County Courthouse was built and the Old Court House was vacant until 1948 when Mrs. Eva Davis founded the present Old Court House Museum. In 1952 the roof and exterior was damaged by a tornado and repairs were made. In 1966 repairs were made to roof, balcony and exterior walls. The Old Court House Museum houses one of the largest Civil War collections in America. Narrative courtesy of the Library of Congress.

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(3-2011) Enlarge Wartime Photo The Old Court House from the corner of Cherry St. and Grove St. View looking northwest

(2-2020) Enlarge East side entrance

(2-2020) Enlarge East side

  (2-2020) Enlarge Cupola roof
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(2-2020) Enlarge Court House clock, east side of the cupola  

(3-92) Court House clock installed in 1859 and replaced in 1953


(2-2020) Enlarge Ground floor leading to the bookstore and souvenir shop


(3-05) Enlarge Chair used during the siege by General U.S. Grant at his Vicksburg Headquarters


(3-05) Enlarge Confederate uniform, bugle, sword, insignia, etc.


(3-05) Enlarge Springfield rifle musket, swords, belt, buttons, bayonet, etc.   

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