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History of Fort Pickering (pdf)
Vicksburg Campaign Panoramas

(8-2007) Enlarge Desoto Park (site of Fort Pickering) with its two Indian Mounds. During the Civil war they hollowed out the mounds and mounted artillery on top of them, and stored ammunition in the little bricked bunker in the photo, dug into the side of the mound


(8-2007) Enlarge View of the Mississippi River from the site of Fort Pickering


(8-2007) Site of Fort Pickering
The National Ornamental Metal Museum (photo above) is located at the site as well as DeSoto Park. The buildings of the Metal Museum were built in the 1930s on the site of the old Fort's Marine Hospital


(8-2007) Enlarge Site of Fort Pickering
One of the two Indian Mounds in Desoto Park. During the Civil War the mounds were hollowed out and artillery was placed on top of them. Ammunition was stored in the little bricked bunker (above), dug into the side of the mound

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