Grand Gulf, Mississippi (March 16, 2003)

Additional Grand Gulf Photos


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The following March 16, 2003 photos courtesy of Bruce Schulze (Webmaster), Don Sides and Brian Risher


View from the Grand Gulf observation tower looking west. Photo by Don Sides
Panorama from the tower


Rodney, Mississippi Catholic Church constructed in 1868 and later moved to Grand Gulf
Interpretive Markers near Church:
First Grand Gulf Naval Battle
Second Grand Gulf Naval Battle
Victories and Defeats - The Cost of War
Confederate Memorial Chapel
Rodney Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church 1868-1870
Rodney Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church 1890-1957


Grand Gulf visitor center from the Catholic Church. The Mississippi River is in the distant background behind the tree line

March 16, 2003 Photos of the Grand Gulf Visitor Center

Union mortar near Fort Wade. Information Marker: This XIII-inch Mortar was probably used by the Union in the fight for Vicksburg. In the early 1900's it was seen partially buried in the levee on Davis Island. These mortars were mounted on schooners or box-like boats. The Mortars weighed 17,000 lbs. and fired 200 lb. explosive "bombs." On loan from R. Lee Parker III, Ernest Parker, Mrs. Carroll Sojourner, and Mrs. Holler Baker

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