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Interpretive Markers:  
Bombardment of Confed. Fortifications by Federal Gunboats
Confederate Memorial Chapel
First Grand Gulf Naval Battle   Second Grand Gulf Naval Battle
Fort Cobun
Fort Wade
Fort Wade Ammunition Magazine
Grand Gulf New
Grand Gulf Military Park
Naval Battle During Grant's Campaign
Old Grand Gulf Road New
On to Vicksburg New
Paddle Wheel of the Confederate Transport Charm
Point of Rock
Rodney Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church 1868-1870
Rodney Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church 1890-1957
Site of Hot Shot Furnace
The Buildup for War
Town of Grand Gulf New
Victories and Defeats - The Cost of War
War Comes to Grand Gulf
12th Arkansas Sharpshooter Battalion  2
13" Mortar  2  3  4 New
6th Missouri (Confederate) Rifle Pits  2  3
Campbell Chapel (Abandoned) New
Confederate Battery  2  3  4 New
Confederate Gun Emplacement  2
Confederate Rifle Pits  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
Fort Cobun  2  3  4
Fort Cobun Hot Shot Furnace  2
Fort Wade  2  3  4
Fort Wade's Ammunition Magazine  2  3
Grand Gulf Cemetery  2
Grand Gulf Observation Tower  2
Mississippi River (Old Channel)  2  3
Old General Store New
Old Grand Gulf Road New
Point of Rock  2
Remains of Town Jail
Rodney, Mississippi Catholic Church
Spanish House  2 New
Syrup Kettles New
Transport Charm Paddle Wheel  2
Visitor Center  2  3  4  5  6 New
(3-2009) Enlarge Fort Cobun. 12th Arkansas Sharpshooter Battalion rifle pits in foreground
Interpretive Markers:
Fort Cobun

Bombardment of Confederate Fortifications by Federal Gunboats
(2006) Enlarge Old and new channels of the Mississippi at Grand Gulf
Richard Edling photo

(3-2009) Enlarge Fort Cobun. North of the Grand Gulf Military Monument Visitor Center. Site Marker: On a ledge 40 feet above the Mississippi, The Confederates in March, 1863, laid out Fort Cobun. Protected by a parapet nearly 40 feet thick were four big guns manned by Company A. 1st Louisiana Heavy Artillery. The guns of Fort Cobun under command of Captain John B. Grayson fired their first hostile shots on March 31st at Admiral David G. Farragut's squadron as it passed down river. On April 29, seven of Admiral David D. Porter's gunboats attacked the Grand Gulf fortifications. For more than five hours, the Union ironclads and the guns of Fort Cobun dueled. The Confederate artillerists disabled the "Tuscumbia." Unable to knock out the Confederate guns, the Union gunboats broke off the bombardment. Following the occupation of Grand Gulf, Admiral Porter said, "Grand Gulf is the strongest place on the Mississippi."


(2006) Enlarge Fort Cobun (Point of Rock)
Photo by Richard Edling, Philadelphia, Pa
Visitor Center Drawing of Action at Fort Cobun
Interpretive Marker:

Naval Battle during Grant's Campaign




(3-2004) Enlarge Point of Rock

(3-2003) Old bed of the Mississippi River below Fort Cobun


(3-2004) Enlarge Old bed of the Mississippi River below Fort Cobun


(2006) Enlarge Confederate rifle pits, Fort Cobun in background. Site Marker: Shortly after the Union Ironclads opened fire on April 29, 1863, the 12th Arkansas Sharpshooter Battalion moved up from the reserve and occupied these rifle pits
Richard Edling photo

(2006) Enlarge Fort Cobun Hot Shot Furnace marker
Richard Edling photo
  (2006) Enlarge Site of Hot Shot Furnace
Richard Edling photo

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