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(2006) Enlarge Chickasaw Bluffs from Union Attack Route in photo below
Richard Edling photo

(3-95) Union Attack Route. At 11:00 a.m. on December 29, Col. DeCourcey deployed his Union brigade in line of battle astride the road near this point. An hour later the brigade moved toward the Chickasaw Bluffs in the background. View is looking east


(3-05) Enlarge 1/4 mi. east of camera position in previous photo. The brigade worked their way through a dense abatis and crossed Chickasaw Bayou, which is just ahead


(3-05) Enlarge A few yards east of camera position in previous photo. The dry bed of Chickasaw Bayou can be seen in this picture


(3-05) Enlarge The bayou on the south side of the road

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