Battle of Chickasaw Bayou

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May 13, 2011 photo of the flooded battlefield from Fort Hill

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(3-05) Enlarge Area where A. J. Smith's division disembarked on Dec. 27, 1862 and bivouacked for the night. View looking east. The road in the picture parallels the Yazoo River which is just beyond the trees at left


(3-95) Yazoo River at Capt. W. A. Johnson's plantation site. Gen. Morgan L. Smith's division disembarked here on Dec. 26

(3-05) Enlarge Capt. W. A. Johnson's plantation site

Panorama of plantation site

(3-07) Enlarge Cistern near Johnson's plantation site. View looking north, Yazoo River just beyond the trees. We didn't notice the cistern during our last visit back in 2005. Not sure if it was part of the plantation or not


(3-08) Enlarge The Boat Slough


(3-95) Yazoo River near site where Brig. Gen. George W. Morgan's division disembarked on December 26. The view is looking downstream

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