Battle of Champion Hill, a Virtual Tour: Surviving Structures and Landmarks


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Enlarge Wartime Road to Midway Station. Union Gen. Hovey's 16-Gun Battery was located on the mound in right of picture. View looking west


Enlarge Pre-Civil War cemetery near Midway Station at site of Hovey's 16-Gun Battery. View looking west


Enlarge Champion Heritage Foundation Marker at location of Hovey's 16-Gun Battery. Marker installed in 2015  


Enlarge Hovey's Battery site and graveyard mentioned in the marker. Several unmarked graves are scattered about the mound. View is looking east


Roberts family cemetery located on Billy Fields Road, west of the Crossroads


Enlarge The Coker House on SH-467 (wartime Raymond Road)

The Coker House has been rebuilt. See more photos of the original structure and the new one


The Yeiser House (Hiawatha) on SH-467 (wartime Raymond Road)
In late 2005 the Yeiser House was moved from the battlefield to Raymond, MS. Click here to see a March 2007 photo of the old site
Click here to see additional photos of the Yeiser House before its removal

  Jackson Road, north of crest of Champion Hill
800 x 600 view of Jackson Road (March 2007)
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