Battle of Champion Hill, a Virtual Tour: Surviving Structures and Landmarks


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Surviving Structures and Landmarks

Crest of Champion Hill Enlarge   Photo-2  

Live Oak tree planted by Mary Matilda (Montgomery) Champion before the Civil War. Mary Matilda was the wife of Sid Champion, wartime owner of much of the property on which the battle was fought. The tree stands near the site of the Champion House


Enlarge  The Crossroads, March 2016. Civil War Trust Marker 


Enlarge  The Civil War Trust Marker is to the right of the stop sign on D. J. Johnson Road, wartime Ratliff Plantation Road


Enlarge  Detail The Crossroads, June 4, 2014 

Marker: Fight for the Crossroads, June 4, 2014
Another View of the Crossroads, June 4, 2014  
Marker: National Historic Site, June 4, 2014


Cistern at the Isaac Robert's House site (Pemberton's second headquarters)
Post-war view of the Roberts house, and a piece of wood from the original structure


Enlarge Champion Plantation cast iron pot used by Union soldiers after the battle

  The plantation bell cast in 1856
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