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View of the front porch of Hiawatha (Yeiser House) where Tilghman was taken following his injury. His body was placed in the front room closest to the camera
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Additional Hiawatha Photos


View looking west toward Edwards from a location just west of the lower Bakers Creek bridge.  The city limits of Edwards would be near the horizon in the background. This picture shows the general route of the Confederate retreat from the battlefield   Locate on Map


Once Bowen's men arrived at the lower bridge, they were ordered to hold it until the last Confederate units were across safely. While he waited on Loring's division to come into view, he heard cannonading from his rear. Thinking that the sound came from Federal guns in Edwards, Bowen feared that they had gotten there ahead of him and blocked his escape route. He then abandoned the bridge and took a detour south of Edward that would take him to the Confederate defenses in front of the Big Black River. The photo above shows the area that Bowen took to avoid Edwards. The view is looking to the east
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This photograph, taken just behind Hiawatha (Yeiser House), shows Loring's escape route from the battlefield. Loring had decided that the Federal forces were nearing his rear and were between him and the rest of the Confederate army retreating to the Big Black. He therefore decided to take a plantation road but was unable to rendezvous with the rest of Pemberton's men   Locate on Map

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