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The CSA Wagontrain
The crossroads at Champion Hill looking west down the Billy Fields Road (wartime Jackson Road). In the early morning of May 16 when Pemberton ordered his army to reverse march, the rear of the army, the wagon train, stationed near the crossroads now became the vanguard. The commander of the wagon train, Colonel Alexander W. Reynolds began the task of turning them around to prepare for the new course. They were sent out first to cross the upper Bakers Creek bridge and continue northeastward along the Brownsville Road toward Clinton. The remaining photos trace the movements of the Confederate wagon train, whose action was entirely separate from the main activity at Champion Hill

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View of the modern Champion Hill Road crossing of Bakers Creek, looking east back toward the battlefield. The wartime crossing is to the right of the bridge a few yards down the creek. The Confederate wagon train arrived here shortly before noon on their way to the Brownsville Road junction near Edwards   Locate on Map


This picture shows the wartime Jackson Road crossing of the Southern Railroad of Mississippi near Edwards. The view is looking back toward the hill from the modern Cemetery Road   Locate on Map


Junction of Jackson and Brownsville Road. The Confederate wagon train would have made a right turn here to take the Brownsville Road to rendezvous with Johnston near Clinton.  The view is looking east along the Jackson Road. The Brownsville Road runs left to right in the picture   Locate on Map

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