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View of the Raymond Road looking west toward Edwards.  The Lower Bridge Road can be seen joining the Raymond Road on the right side of the picture
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This photograph was taken on the Raymond Road looking toward the Union approach during the Confederate retreat. The spot marks the position of the last Confederate line defending the retreat to Edwards. Confederate General Lloyd Tilghman was killed on this ridge while attempting to hold the Union soldiers at bay while the army moved to safety   Locate on Map


The Tilghman Monument as seen from the Raymond Road.  General Lloyd Tilghman was killed on this high ground from shrapnel from a Union artillery shell. His body was taken to the nearby Hiawatha (Yeiser House) where he was pronounced dead.  A statue stands at the Vicksburg National Military Park that captures Tilghman's final stand
Tilghman Statue at Vicksburg National Military Park

  Enlarge   Enlarge-2   The Tilghman Monument

Don Worth photos

View from the Confederate defense on Cotton Ridge, looking east toward Union position on Coker Ridge. The rebuilt Coker House can be seen in the center of the picture. The Raymond Road runs east and west in the left background  Locate on Map

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