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A shot of the Jackson Road (Billy Fields Road) about one mile west of the crossroads. Although Confederate troops under Cumming were dislodged from Champion Hill and retreated south of the crossroads, some of Lee's brigade held bravely until the Confederate line on their right and left gave way. They retreated approximately 700 yards back to a ridge parallel to the one they had just held. From here Lee's men were able to hold a portion of the Jackson Road. The area that Lee's men held can be seen in the picture above. The view is looking to the northwest
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This photograph shows the approximate site of a Confederate artillery battery on the Billy Fields Road. Commanded by Captain Samuel J. Ridley of the 1st Mississippi Light Artillery, the battery was brought up to support Lee's brigade that was deployed along the ridge to Ridley's north. During the Union assault on Lee's position, this battery was under tremendous fire which inflicted heavy damage on its crew. Captain Ridley manned the gun for a time by himself, eventually falling to an estimated 6 bullet wounds. His determination to stand fast earned him a commendation from on looking Union soldiers. The photograph was taken approximately one-mile west of the crossroads and is looking to the north  Locate on Map


As Hovey's and Logan's troops pursued the fleeing Confederates toward the crossroads, a portion of Hovey's lines stalled some 100 yards north of the Billy Fields Road. The photograph above shows the deep east/west running ravine where Logan's men were held at bay. Lee's soldiers held the high ground on the Billy Fields Road shown in an earlier photograph. This northwest view is looking into the ravine   Locate on Map

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