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View of the Jackson Road trace taken about 50 yards south of the last two photographs.  In this picture, it is obvious that the road is ascending a significant hill.  At this point, you would actually be on Champion Hill.  The crest is 350 yards ahead.  Again, the picture was taken looking to the south   Locate on Map


View of the terrain east of the Jackson Road trace. The photograph was taken about 160 yards north of the crest of Champion Hill looking to the south. The left side of Hovey's lines led by Col. James R. Slack navigated the ravines and thick underbrush on the east side of Champion Hill   Locate on Map


Enlarge This picture shows the treacherous terrain of the battlefield west of the Jackson Road trace very well.  This ground was moved on by Hovey's men, which had a much rougher advance than did the brigades on the far right of the Union lines under Logan.  The view is looking westward down the length of Hovey's lines.  The fresh cutover allows for a similar view to that of the Union army in 1863   Locate on Map


Another view of the  terrain taken from a point a few yards south of the camera position in the previous picture but this time looking north back toward the Champion house area.  The embankment in the far right of the picture is the bank along the Jackson Road trace, which would be just to the right of the picture
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