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The northwestern slopes of Champion Hill.  Union soldiers under Hovey ascended this portion of the hill quite rapidly, considering the steep terrain.  Notice Bruce standing at the top of the slope near where the Confederate battle line would have been.  Just past him about 50 yards would be the crest of Champion Hill.  The view is looking south   Locate on Map
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This picture shows the deep ravines that dot the landscape of the approaches to Champion Hill.  While these ravines were difficult to navigate for the attacking Federals, they provided a safe haven from Confederate rifle and artillery fire from above.  The photograph was taken looking south from near the same area as the previous picture


Just to the south of the slopes from the previous picture is a sizable gravel pit, which is visible above.  The crest of Champion Hill is in the clump of trees on the left side of the picture.  At the time of the battle, however, Champion Hill was one continuous rise from the slopes in the last two photos to the crest.  The Jackson Road took a sharp left hand turn here on its way to the crossroads.  It can be seen on the left side of the photo as well.  The trace seen going into the picture does not correspond to any wartime roadbed and is most likely a postwar trail.  The view is looking southward   Locate on Map

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The crest of Champion Hill looking southward taken from the gravel pit. During the battle, Confederates had posted four pieces of artillery on this high ground. Despite its natural commanding position, the Confederates were not massed strong enough on the hill to successfully repel an attack by a determined enemy. Their position and their artillery were captured quickly from the onslaught by the Federals under Hovey   Locate on Map

1937 view of Champion Hill
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