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Sons of Confederate Veterans:
SCV National Headquarters
SCV National Headquarters Store
SCV Army of Trans-Mississippi
SCV Texas Division
SCV Texas 4th Brigade
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Our Federal Counterparts:
Sons of Union Veterans National Headquarters
Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States

Col. James G. Bourland: Bourlands "Border" Regiment:
Arizona Brigade in North Texas
Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory during the Civil War
Dr. A. F. L. Cutler's Saddlebags, Bourland's Border Regiment
Bourland's Cavalry (Bourland's "Border" Regiment) Footnote
Handbook of Texas Online - FRONTIER REGIMENT
Hangings at Gainesville Texas 1862
Texas Frontier Regiment: Rootsweb

Lt. General Stephen Dill Lee:                                                 Top of Page
The United Confederate Veterans

The Stephen D. Lee Institute

United Daughters of the Confederacy:
UDC National Headquarters
UDC Texas Divisio

Military Order of the Stars and Bars:

Order of the Confederate Rose:
National Headquarters
Texas Society Order Of The Confederate Rose

Mechanized Cavalry Co. C
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Mechanized Cavalry Co. C
Blood For Brothers Program

Carter Blood Care Center
Account #spon048231

Call for locations and appointments 1-800-366-2834
Yahoo Group: SCVMC_1_C_group
Capt. George F. West,

Children of the Confederacy:

The Society of the Order of the Southern Cross:                     Top of Page

Morgan's Men Association, Inc:

Confederate Heritage Trust, Inc:

General Nathan Bedford Forrest Historical Society:

Official Records:
War of the Rebellion: Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies
The War of the Rebellion: Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies

Sutlers:                                                                       Top of Page
Hats R Cool - Authentic Civil War Hats
Mercury Sutler
James Country Mercantile Sutler, Liberty, Missouri
Crescent City Sutler
Missouri Boot & Shoe Company
The Winchester Sutler, Inc.
Fair Oaks Sutler
Quartermaster Shop
Greenwood Mercantile: Civil War Sutler
D&N Mercantile Antique Guns and Collectible Firearms
Civil War Musket Storage Box
Sutler of Civil War Goods - Heirloom Emporium
Fugawee Historical Footwear
Corner Clothiers
Navy Arms
Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc. 18th and 19th Century Reproductions
Taylor's & Co. Black Powder Firearms
Crazy  Crow Trading Post, Pottsboro, TX
Trans-Mississippi Depot Company
Dixie Gun Works
Dixie Outfitters
Arizona Territory Sutler
C & D Jarnagin Company
Honest Tom's Sutlery
C&C Sutlery
Bent's Cookie Factory - Hardtack Crackers and More
Ruffin Flag Company
Stainless Banners
Fall Creek Suttlery
Blockade Runner
Regimental Quartermaster
Duvall Leatherwork
Steen Cannon & Ordnance Works
C. J. Daley
N.J. Sekala
Dirty Billy's Hats
Brigade Sutler Civil War Uniforms and Supplies
West Point Sutlers
The Civil War Standard
The Horse Soldier
Supply Wagon Sutlers

Reenacting:                                                                                             Top of Page
Camp Chase Gazette
Civil War Reenactors Home Page
Civil War Reenactment Events, Battles, Reenacting Supplies
Civil War Reenacting Units
Fanny & Vera's Helpful Hints & Timely Tips For Civil War Reenactors
The CW Reenactor's HQ for Civil War Reenactment Battle Schedules, Sutlers, and Info
Civil War Reenactors Discussion Forums

Magazines, News, Periodicals, etc:
Civil War Times
Welcome to Blue & Gray
Welcome to North & South
Civil War News
Civil War Historian
Camp Chase Gazette
North South Traders
America's Civil War

Civil War Related:                                                                                Top of Page
Museum of the Confederacy
BEAUVOIR - The Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library
The American Civil War, Dakota State University

The Civil War Courier
The Civil War Home Page
U.S. Civil War Center
Civil War Interactive
Civil War Preservation Trust
Civil War Home
Broadfoot Publishing Company
Civil War Battle Summaries (National Park System)
Civil War Photographs: Library of Congress
The National Civil War Museum
Battlefield Photos
Last Confederate Widow
Museum of Southern History
National Museum of Civil War Medicine
Music of the Civil War

Civil War Texas:                                                                              Top of Page
Texas in the Civil War Home Page
Handbook of Texas Online: Civil War
The Texas Civil War Museum
Texas in the American Civil War - Wikipedia
Texas During The Civil War
Texans in the Civil War
Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory during the Civil War
Confederate Soldiers of Northeast Texas
Civil War Rosters - Texas
University of Texas Libraries
The Texas in the Civil War Message Board
Texas Confederate Veterans

Texas Historical Commission
Civil War Traveler - Texas

Confederate Pensions Search - Texas State Library
Civil War Soldiers and Sailor System
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
RootsWeb.com Home Page
Genealogy & Family History Databases. Free Genealogy Search
Family Search
Confederate Genealogy
Confederate Genealogy Search
Confederate Genealogy and Family History Research
Genealogy Glossary - SCV - Definition and Links
Online Civil War Indexes, Records & Rosters
Roster of Confederate Soldiers in the War Between the States
USGenWeb Project

American Civil War Recipes and Cooking
Recipes, Foods, and Remedies: H to M
Civil War Rations, Hardtack, and Civil War Diseases
Hard Tack Sea Biscuits / recipes
Mason-Dixon Line’s Civil War Recipes
Civil War Cooking, Recipes and more
Gett Kidz- Civil War food
Civil War Recipes and Civil War Food

CONFEDERATE AMERICAN PRIDE: Confederate Clip Art                      Top of Page
Savage/Goodner's Confederate Clipart Page
Civil War Clipart Gallery

The Civil War Message Board Portal
Civil War Reenactors Forums
Civil War Forum: Genealogy.com
Civil War Interactive Discussion Board
American Civil War Forum
The Dispatch Depot at Civil War Talk

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