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Lee-Bourland Camp 1848 Contact Information


National Headquarters Recruiting: (800) MYSOUTH
National Headquarters Staff: (800) 380-1896
National Headquarters Fax: (931) 381-6712
National Headquarters Executive Director: exedir@scv.org
National Headquarters Recruiting: membership@scv.org
National Headquarters Merchandise Orders: mktadm@scv.org
National Headquarters Membership Services: membership@scv.org
Texas Division Commander: r-james@tamu.edu
Texas Division Lt Commander: gblock@cbi.com
Texas Division Adjutant: rwainner@gvtc.com
Texas Division Chaplain: packnmail2@cablelynx.com
Texas 4th Brigade Commander: 1texreb@sbcglobal.net
Texas 4th Brigade Lt Commander: saxkngt@yahoo.com
Texas 4th Brigade 2nd Lt Commander: joewhite1@suddenlink.net
Texas 4th Brigade Adjutant:
Texas 4th Brigade Chaplain:
Lee-Bourland Camp 1848 Commander: lee-bourland1848@suddenlink.net

Lee-Bourland Camp 1848 Lt Commander: reb-l@genger.com
Lee-Bourland Camp 1848 Adjutant/Webmaster: trooper180@sbcglobal.net
Lee-Bourland Camp 1848 Color Sgt: ke5mui@yahoo.com
Lee-Bourland Camp 1848 Chaplain

Order of the Confederate Rose
National Headquarters
Texas Society Order Of The Confederate Rose
United Daughters Of The Confederacy
National Headquarters
Texas Division UDC

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