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Photos/text courtesy of Craig Swain, Leesburg, VA
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(January 2008) Enlarge  Further north Kelly's Ford Road crosses Carter's Run. The stream was about mid way between the contesting forces. After the mid-battle charges and counter-charges, the Confederates retired from here further north and closer to the Orange and Alexandria Railroad

(January 2008) Enlarge  Here at the intersection of Kelly's Ford Road and and CR 673 stood Newby's or Dean's Shop. This point marked the furthest pursuit by Averell's Division. As the hour was late and his troopers were quite winded from the battle, Averell opted to retire back to the Ford and recross. A humorous side to the battle was a note and sack of coffee left by Averell with two wounded officers and a surgeon as he withdrew. Averell and Fitz Lee had been classmates at West Point. Earlier in the winter at Hartwood Church, Lee had left a note for Averell saying "...I ride a pretty fast horse, but I think yours can beat mine. I wish you'd quit shooting and get out of my State and go home. If you won't go home, why don't you come and pay a visit. Send me over a bag of coffee." So at the end of the fighting at Kelly's Ford, Averell left a note with the wounded officers responding "...Here's your coffee. Here's your visit. How did you like it? How's that horse?"



(January 2008) Enlarge  Marker  Further to the north, where Kelly's Ford Road ends at the modern James Madison Highway (US 15/29) is a state marker for the wounding of Pelham. Pelham was brought back through here and on to Culpeper where he passed around 1 in the morning on the 18th

(January 2008) Enlarge  A short distance to the west on the James Madison Highway at the intersection with Beverly Ford Road (CR 676) is this monument to Pelham, erected in 1926 by his wife with the help of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The monument is best viewed after parking on the roadside of Beverly Ford Road, although there is a section of the old highway road bed in front of the memorial. Visitors should use causation around this busy intersection

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