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Photos/text courtesy of Craig Swain, Leesburg, VA
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(January 2008) Enlarge  Entrance to the C.F. Phelps Wildlife Area, southern parking area, along Kelly's Ford Road (CR 674). A stone wall extending from this point, north to the river provided a good, defensive line. This was open ground at the time of the battle

(January 2008) Enlarge  A section of the stone wall. Portions of the wall were damaged by presumptuous land development in the 1980s. Preservation groups managed to get a halt to further damage. This wall was mid way between the opposing forces when Averell moved forward after a two hour delay



(January 2008) Enlarge  Marker  Site of Pelham's mortal wounding. At the time of the battle, this was a wood lot on the Wheatley property. Pelham had charged forward with the 3rd Virginia Cavalry, found a break in the wall that could be used to gain a flanking position on the Federals. As he urged the troopers forward, he was hit by a Federal shell that exploded on the stone wall

(January 2008) Enlarge  Averell's right flank was anchored along the skirting canal around the rapids of the Rappahannock here. The canal ditch can still be seen a short walk north of the Pelham marker. The Wheatley House stood nearby along with a mill. In the upper portion of the photograph is the Rappahannock. Wheatley Ford, which was a bit rocky, crossed the river there


(January 2008) Enlarge  The Brannin House, dating to the 1780s, was owned by Fielding Brannin during the war. The house saw use as a hospital and headquarters at different times during the war. The 3rd Virginia's charge took place on the other side of the Kelly's Ford Road from the house


(November 2007) Enlarge  Further north Kelly's Ford Road the fields open up again. Averell advanced the line up to here after the action at the stone wall. A series of charges and counter charges continued through the afternoon. In the open field between the wood line seen here in the distance and Carter's Run (out of frame to the left and further north) was contested through the middle phase of the battle

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