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(July 2007) Enlarge To the left of this wide creek bed, rifle pits and hastily dug entrenchments on the slope provided Confederates some resistance against the advancing Union army. The rifles pits are very evident today (2008)


(July 2007) Rifle pits, which are visible in this photo, ran along the top of this hill, parallel with the creek



(July 2007) Page Family Cemetery in town. The Page family gave its sons to the Confederate cause. Confederate reenactors seen in the background perform a living history program to stimulate community awareness and interest in preserving this important battlefield site

(July 2007) Members of the North State Rifles living history group perform a living history on the original battlefield site near present day Morrisville Town Hall

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(July 2007) Confederates hastily threw up shelter and camped temporarily around Morrisville until the Union advance forced their quick retreat


(2011) Enlarge New Civil War exhibit depicting the last significant fighting in North Carolina This was the grand opening of the Morrisville History Center in Morrisville, North Carolina, June 24, 2011

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