Battle at Morrisville Station, NC

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Morrisville Station 150th Anniversary

1. Morrisville Civil War Battlefield Preservation
2. The Battle of Morrisville
3. Battle of Morrisville - Wikipedia

(July 2007) Enlarge Morrisville Station Marker

(July 2007) The railroad the Union troops were trying to capture or destroy, and where the Confederates were trying to hold until they could evacuate their wounded



(July 2007) Across the railroad tracks and up the slope, Union artillery were positioned to begin the shelling of the railroad junction of Morrisville. Confederate troops scrambled to evacuate their wounded by rail and the remains of the army westward toward Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, and Greensboro

(July 2007) Built in the early 1800's, The Page family home is one of the few if not the only structures which stood in Morrisville at the time of the battle


(July 2007) The Page house survived the fighting at Morrisville, however the marks from bullets and shells are visible on the chimney nearest the railroad tracks


(July 2007) This chimney was on the front of the shelling when the Union army moved into position on the hilltop behind the home

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