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(3-2007) The unfinished barracks with cannons above. The cannons are pointed directly north (Cumberland Sound) If you look closely places for fireplaces are visible and a sallyport


(3-2007) This photo was taken mid-day from the NW bastion toward the SW bastion. The brick, dirt, brick composition of the defensive walls is evident. Enlisted Men's Barrack is on the side of the photo. In the background is Amelia Island


(3-2007) This is a view of the parade ground with the Enlisted Men's Barracks to the left and Storehouse to the right. Part of the foundation of the Officer Quarters can be seen in the forefront. the photo was taken from the terreplein near the East Bastion of Fort Clinch
From the Fort Clinch State Park brochure the following Confederate Regiments served here during the War Between the States:
Florida Militia
3rd Florida Infantry
4th Florida Infantry
10th Florida Infantry
2nd Florida Cavalry
Palatka (Florida) Guard
24th Mississippi Infantry
Unattached Artillery Battery


(3-2007)  This photo shows the entrance to Fort Clinch from the glacis. The gravel path from the old museum can be detected in the immediate foreground
Having possession of Fort Clinch was a coup for Federal forces that was quickly exploited with a massive influx of troops & equipment as the site became a base of operations until the end of the war
From the Fort Clinch State Park brochure is a partial list of Union Regiments stationed at Fort Clinch:
6th Connecticut Infantry
7th Connecticut Infantry
9th Maine Infantry
11th Maine Infantry
4th New Hampshire Infantry
7th New Hampshire Infantry
1st New York Engineers
157 New York Infantry
107 Ohio Infantry
97th Pennsylvania infantry
1st South Carolina Infantry (US)
1st United States Colored Troops
3rd United States Colored Troops
21st United States Colored Troops
34th United States Colored Troops
7th United States Infantry
These are all of the Federal troops that are listed on the park brochure, which is a partial list

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