Fort Clinch
Amelia Island, Florida Page2

(3-2007) This is Gun #24 looking out directly to the north. Cumberland Sound can be seen as well as the land on the other side which is the State of Georgia


(3-2007) The foundations of the unfinished officers' quarters are marked. In the distance the two-story storehouse can be seen (Hospital above/Quartermaster & Sutler below)


(3-2007) View from Northwest Bastion of Fort Clinch. The North Bastion is in view in the distance along with some guns along the walls. The crane in the background is repairing the beach which has been lost due to erosion. The brick curtain wall and earthen wall behind it is also easily seen


(3-2007)  Fort Clinch Parade Ground with view of enlisted men's barracks and Florida Militia "Bonnie Blue Flag" On March 17, 2007 there were interpreters doing an impression of the early days of the war when the Florida Militia occupied Fort Clinch, hence the flag

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