Battle of Averasboro, NC Page8
This page courtesy of Walter Wells, PA and Richard Edling, PA

(2006) Close-up of "Lebanon" interpretive marker
Photo by Walter Wells


(2006) Farquhard Smith home
Home of Janie Smith
Janie Smith's Letter, April 12, 1865 Opens in New Window
Photo by Walter Wells


(2006) William Smith House interpretive marker
Richard Edling photo


(2006) William Smith House
This is southernmost of the three Smithville Plantation houses on the Averasboro Battlefield; occupied during the battle by William Smith's widow, Mary Campbell Smith, and her four daughters as General Sherman's  Union army used the house as their field hospital and buried their dead in the garden. The family piano was in use as their operating table. The initial skirmish on the battlefield occurred within the surrounding area. The building, an upscale Federal period house with second floor Greek Revival addition and fourteen rooms, is to be restored for museum use
Richard Edling photo

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