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Chicora Civil War Cemetery, This cemetery, named after an Indian word for Carolina, is the final resting place of 56 Confederate dead from the battle. Chicora Cemetery was dedicated May 10, 1872, by a women’s group called the Smithville Memorial Association, which in 1904 became the Chicora Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The small enclosure includes monuments to North Carolina and South Carolina troops, and McLaw's Division; a Confederate monument; an interpretive marker for Phase 2 of the Battle of Averasboro; the marked graves of Lieutenant Colonel Robert de Treville, 1st South Carolina Infantry, who was killed in the battle, and 18-year-old Alfred Henry Angel, of Charleston, South Carolina, who was mortally wounded and died April 24, 1865; and a reconstructed Civil War era log cabin transplanted from Farquhard Smith's home, "Lebanon."


(2006) Chicora Civil War Cemetery


(2006)  Chicora Civil War Cemetery


(2006) Enlarge Chicora Civil War Cemetery
North Carolina Memorial


(2006) Enlarge Chicora Civil War Cemetery
Memorial to the Confederates who died at the Third Line of Defense

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