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Tour Stop-4 Warren County Court House
This is the site of the original Warren County Court House occupied by Union troops during the battle. As the battle flowed down from the Courthouse, fighting was house to house as the Union troops retreated north to Richardson's Hill

Interpretive Marker: The Courthouse
Interpretive Marker: Battle of Front Royal


Tour Stop-5 Bel Air
Bel Air was the home of William and Elizabeth Buck during the battle and dates back to 1795. Their daughter, Luck Buck, witnessed the battle and recorded her observations in a diary
Lucy recorded how the Union troops scampered over the meadow below the Buck house in their retreat northwards


Tour Stop-5 Bel Air


Tour Stop-6 Rose Hill
Located at the foot of Richardson's Hill, Rose Hill formed part of Kenly's defensive position.

Along the way to Rose Hill is the famous "Brother against Brother" marker

Brother Against Brother  

Tour Stop-7 Richardson's Hill Enlarge
Here Kenly made an effort to hold off Jackson's forces as he anticipated Bank's withdrawal from Strausburg. Kenly's back was to the South Fork of the Shenadoah to which he later retreated and crossed

Richardson's Hill was also the scene in 1864 of the execution of four of Mosby's Raiders after they refused to reveal their commander's headquarters

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