Front Royal, Virginia

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Asbury Chapel
Battle of Front Royal
Bel Air
Belle Boyd
Bell Boyd Cottage
Brother Against Brother
Crossroads of War
Guard Hill
Jackson's Signal Cannon
Jefferson Davis Chair
Mosby's Men Memorial
Prospect Hill Cemetery   2
Richardson's Hill   2
Rose Hill
The Bridges
Warren County Court House   2

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Front Royal - Crossroads of War Enlarge
Jackson achieved a significant victory on a hot Friday afternoon on May 23, 1862 against 1,000 troops under the command of Col. John R. Kenly. The battle is billed as "Brother Against Brother" since troops from the First Maryland CSA opposed Kenly's Union Marlanders

While the battle was fought through the present town of Front Royal, the battle phases are well marked with plaques and other markers


Front Royal - Battle of Front Royal Enlarge


Tour Stop-1 Asbury Chapel
Here Jackson sent a courier with an order for the 1st Maryland to march to the front to spearhead the attack. The Maryland troopers marched along a hilly road called Rocky Land for about 4 miles into town. The temperature reached 80 degrees when they reached the front


Tour Stop-2 Belle Boyd Enlarge
Here Belle Boyd ran from her home to Confederate troops to tell them that the town was thinly held by Union troops. Jackson's aide, Henry Kyd Douglas, recognized her and relayed her information to his command. Nothing remains of Boyd's home and the sign is in a church parking lot

Tour Stop-3 Prospect Hill Enlarge
Prospect Hill Cemetery

Tour Stop-3 Prospect Hill
Here Confederate artillery under Colonel Stapleton Crutchfield posted smoothbore cannons which swept the town below but which were no match for Union rifled guns firing from Richardson's Hill on the north side of town

The Confederate monument is ringed by a circle of Confederate graves

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