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Town of Fairfield

(2007) View of Main street (Fairfield road) looking east toward Gettysburg


(2007) Enlarge Fairfield Inn, Located directly on General Lee's Confederate Retreat from Gettysburg, July 4, 1863, the Inn is one of a distinguished few in America that has been in continuous operation for 248 years. Built 19 years before the Declaration of Independence, the Inn is an authentic American Treasure listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Used as an early Colonial Settler's Meeting House, Stagecoach Stop, Confederate Civil War Hospital and part of the Underground Railroad, many notable Americans have graced it's halls. Today guests of the Inn can dine in President and Mrs. Eisenhower's favorite room, sleep where Statesman Patrick Henry conducted meetings or where General J.E.B. Stuart stayed during his Confederate Raid of the valley, view the hiding spot for the fleeing slaves and the original Maria Furnace invented by Thaddeus Stevens when he resided at the Inn, or relax in the Tavern where baseball Hall of Famer, Eddie Plank, enjoyed a good ale. Ask for General Lee's "Bill of Fare" and dine on the same meal, taken from the original recipes, he and General J.E.B. Stuart were served on July 4, 1863

(2007) Fairfield Inn  

(2007) Description  "Medal Of Honor'' - 6th U.S. Cavalry, 1863 by Don Stivers. On display inside the Fairfield Inn

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