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Courtesy of John Guss, Site Manager Bennett Place Historic Site

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This original farmhouse was moved from the Durham area to the Bennett Place site in the 1900's. It is very similar to the original Bennett home. with few modifications this structure is almost identical to the original house the Generals met in to discuss the terms of surrender


Although the house is not the original Bennett home, the chimney is. A plaque was embedded in the chimney to tell the story of its significance in American history


The smokehouse served as a curing house for smoking hogs and storing additional foods and supplies. This reconstructed building stands on the site of the original smokehouse


Living Historians of the North State Rifles portray North Carolina soldiers during the program, "Soldiers of the Old North State"


Each April the commemoration of the Surrender at Bennett Place is recreated with living history demonstrations. Here living historians portray the generals and their staffs

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