Bennett Place Historic Site
Durham, NC

Enlarge Recent photo of Bennett Place by Robert Szabo

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Bennett Place Photo Contributors:
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Andrew Turnier, NC
John Guss, Site Manager Bennett Place Historic Site
Brian Duckworth, NC
144th Surrender Commemoration
145th Anniversary Event
Civil War Trails Marker
Farm House
Hillsborough Road
January 2008 Snow
January 2009 Snow  2
Kitchen House
Original Chimney
Reenactors  2  3
Unity Monument  2
Visitor Center  2  3

All roads lead to Bennett Place. Visitors can get to the Historic Site by way of I-40 or I-85. Look for the North Carolina Civil War Trail Markers
John Guss photo


This is the backside of the Bennett Place visitor center leading out to the Bennett Farm
John Guss photo

Marker Courtesy of Brian Duckworth, NC


Preservation of the Bennett Farm began in the late 1800's. On October 12, 1923, the Unity Monument was dedicated as a symbol of the reunification of the nation
 John Guss photo

Enlarged View Courtesy of Andrew Turnier


(2004) The reunification of a Nation
Andrew Turnier photo


(2004) On April 17, 1865, General Joseph E. Johnston and General William T. Sherman met here to discuss the terms of surrender. They met at the Bennett Farm on two additional occasions, signing the final papers on April 26, 1865, and making this negotiations the largest troop surrender of the American Civil War
Andrew Turnier photo


(2004) When General Sherman and General Johnston met the Bennett Family retired to the kitchen house to await the results of the meetings. This reconstructed kitchen house stands on the foundation of the original kitchen
Andrew Turnier photo

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