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Courtesy of William Bozic, Houston, TX

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(June 2013) Enlarge Defender of Gloucester Panel and Park
The following information is taken from the National Park Service 150th anniversary card available at the Colonial National Historical Park Yorktown...
" Brig. Gen. Isaac Jones Wistar Born November 14, 1827 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Died September 18, 1905 in Claymont, Delaware.
After the Peninsula campaign, the Union Army viewed Yorktown as strategically valuable and too important to the nation's history to allow the Confederates to reoccupy, so they remained in the town for the remainder of the war. General Isaac Wistar was commander of "Fort Yorktown" and the surrounding area from July 1863 through April 1864."
This park-like setting is the end of the hiking trail. The interpretive marker and picnic area in the background gives a good impression of what exists, however it should be known, there is an extremely steep and lengthily drop-off immediately passed the earthworks in the background. The viewers should not be deceived by the rooftops in the background. Coming towards Gloucester Point on Highway 17 as the bridge crosses the York River, it's possible to glance at the top of the cliff where the spot is located.

(June 2013) Enlarge End of Walking Trail
The Defender of York interpretive panel is the last item on the walking trail at the fort. This photo was taken, so the viewer can perceive just how close the interpretive trail gets to the outbound Highway 17 bridge/toll road.

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