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Courtesy of William Bozic, Houston, TX

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(June 2013) Enlarge On to Richmond Panel Close-up
This panel details the 1862 Peninsula Campaign formulated by Union Gen. George B McClellan. Just across the river McClellan's forces were facing off against Confederates under command of John Bankhead Magruder in the trenches around Yorktown. It was absolutely essential for the Union plan to have access to the York River, so this strategic point had to be taken by Northern forces at all cost.

(June 2013) Enlarge On to Richmond Panel and Earthworks
The following information is taken from the National Park Service 150th anniversary card available at the Colonial National Historical Park Yorktown.
"Maj. Gen. John B. Magruder, Born May 1,1807 in Port Royal, Virginia, Died February 19, 1871 in Houston, Texas.
In 1830 graduate of West Point, Magruder left the U.S. Army in 1861 to assume command of the Confederate Army of the Peninsula, where he reinforced and extended Yorktown's Revolutionary War earthworks for the area's defense. Encouraging his men to re-enlist in 1862, he wrote that " these frowning battlements... of York are turned in this second war of liberty against the enemies of our country."
From this panel it's possible to see the earthworks of the fort and hopefully the viewer will get an impression of just how high and thick earthworks still remain.



(June 2013) Enlarge Parts of Parrott Rifle
Along the walking trail inside the fort there are parts of a Parrott rifle. Look closely below the sign to see some parts.

(June 2013) Enlarge Trail thru Fort
Use the size of the interpretive panel as a guide to imagine the enormous earthworks which still remain at this site. The trail winds in such a way as to make the path only moderately steep and easy to traverse.


(June 2013) Enlarge Union Occupies Gloucester Point Interpretive Panel
The Union 4th Delaware Infantry Regiment occupied this 15 acre position. The panel has a picture of Lieut. (later Capt.) S. Rodman Smith of Co. "I", later Co. "C" 4th Delaware Infantry Regiment and some of his observations. Pvt Stephen T. Buckson's of the 4th Delaware Infantry Regiment is also quoted on the panel. The Union forces named this large earthwork "Fort Keyes" and held it till the end of the war. Although beyond a doubt Gloucester point was extremely strategic, action here became a sideshow to the big show. The routine of camp life was punctuated only rarely with forays of unexpected sharp combat.


(June 2013) Enlarge Defender of York Interpretive Panel Close-up
On June 29, 2013, this panel was not in the best of condition so this scan has been modified to improve visibility. The panel basically talks about how everyone from the time of the English colonists forward recognized this chokepoint is a strategic location. Although not in the scope of the CWA website, this point was also the scene of very important activity during the Revolutionary War. There are other panels at the park devoted activities during the Revolutionary War. When visiting the visitor center at the Yorktown Battlefield we saw an electric map presentation which highlighted activities in this region and motivated our visit.

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