Battle of Mill Springs, KY
January 19, 1862

Photos/Text courtesy of William J. Bechmann III, Cincinnati, OH
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Battle of Mill Springs Reenactment (January 20, 2007)

Kentucky's Civil War Heritage Guide & Map (pdf)
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1. Mill Springs Battlefield Association
2. Battle of Mill Springs/Fishing Creek
3. Mill Springs Battlefield-Wikipedia
4. Georgia's Blue and Gray Trail: Mill Springs Battlefield
5. Battle Summary: Mill Springs

6. The Battle of Mill Springs: Cincinnati CWRT
8. ORDER OF BATTLE - Mill Springs Battlefield Assoc.
9. Battle of Mill Springs Summary & Facts |
10. Combat on the Cumberland at Mill Springs - This Months Issue
11. Mill Springs Park: US Army Corps of Engineers
Battlefield Loop Trail
Bill and Neil Bechmann
Brown-Lanier House
Confederate Artillery
Confederate Cemetery
Confederate Earthworks
Confederate Mass Grave
Cumberland River
First Shots of the Battle
General Zollicoffer Death Site  2
General Zollicoffer Gazebo
General Zollicoffer Headquarters
General Zollicoffer Monument
Main Battlefield
Marker: Battle of Mill Springs
Marker: Battle of Mill Springs / Aftermath
Marker: Bivouac of the Dead
Marker: Confederate Hospital
Marker: Confederate Mass Grave
Marker: Cumberland River
Marker: Felix K. Zollicoffer
Marker: Mill Springs
Marker: Mill Springs Battlefield Property
Marker: Mill Springs and the Civil War
Marker: Mistaken Identity-A Deadly Error
Marker: Moulden's Hill
Marker: Poor Charlie
Marker: Timmy's Branch
Marker: West-Metcalfe House
Marker: Zollie Tree
Memorial Flame
Mill Springs Grist Mill
TS-1: National Cemetery
TS-2: Zollicoffer Confederate Cemetery
TS-3: Last Stand Hill
TS-4: Confederate Field Hospital
TS-5: Timmy's Branch
TS-6: Moulden's Hill
TS-7: Beech Grove Confederate Camp
TS-8: Ferry Landing
TS-9: Historic Brown-Lanier House
TS-10: West-Metcalfe House
Visitor Center and Museum  2
West-Metcalfe House
William W. Brister, CSA Headstone
Winter Quarters (Confederate Camp)
Zollie Tree

(April 2012) Enlarge The Mill Springs Battlefield Visitor Center entrance sign (Nancy, Kentucky)
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(April 2012) Enlarge  Detail The Commonwealth of Kentucky historical sign "Battle of Mill Springs / Aftermath"



(April 2012) Enlarge The Mill Springs Battlefield Visitor Center and Museum

(April 2012) Enlarge 12 pounder Napoleon cannon in front of the visitor center and museum


(April 2012) Enlarge Prelude to War exhibit with a figurine of General George H. Thomas, USA


(April 2012) Enlarge Confederate cabins at Beech Grove

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