Battle of Mill Springs, KY
2007 Reenactment

Photos/Text courtesy of Don Sides, Coffeeville, MS
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Mill Springs Battlefield Tour courtesy of Bill Bechmann
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It was a devastating loss for the Confederacy, loosening up the South's grip on Kentucky. A month later Grant took Fort's Henry and Donelson near the KY-Tenn line. Shiloh was next.
The death of CSA General Zollicoffer, a prominent politician and newspaper man from Nashville. In the early morning fog he mistakes Union officers and soldiers for his own men. Then the Unionists realized they were talking to a CSA general and shot him dead at close range. Thus, Zollicoffer Park, the Zolli Tree, etc.
Fight at the split rail fence. The soldiers later wrote that they fought so close together the flash pans of the flint locks singed the beards of the men they were fighting.
Also...the boys from my county (Yalobusha County, MS) fought in this battle and suffered the heaviest losses. This was their first big battle. Their flag was leaned against a log cabin and was captured by a Union regiment, I believe it was the 2nd Minnesota. It stayed in the north for decades, then as these soldiers began to grow old many returned these captured flags as a gesture of healing and good will. This flag was returned after the turn of the 20th century and is now kept safely in an environmentally controlled flag vault in Jackson, Mississippi today.
Don Sides
Coffeeville, MS


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The sign is a promotion for the fall reenactment, September 29-30, 2007.  The reenactment was at Somerset, KY about ten miles from the Mill Springs Battlefield



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