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(7-2011) Enlarge Site of the Battle of Boonville. Brigadier General Lyon's artillery fire upon the State Guard defensive line around 0800 hours
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(7-2011) Enlarge Modern site of the Dr. Willard Avery farm on Rocheport Road

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(7-2011) Enlarge The State Guard retreats westbound on the Rocheport Roads towards their armory in Boonville


(7-2011) Enlarge Site of Camp Bacon (a.k.a Camp Vest). This is the Missouri State Guard's camp before the Battle of Boonville

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(7-2011) Enlarge The Missouri State Guard Armory was the last site of the battle. The State Guard withdraw and retreat southbound towards Springfield, Missouri/Arkansas border


(7-2011) Enlarge The Thomas Nelson House "Forst Hill." This is the site where a delegation of local citizens surrender to Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon around 1100 hours

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