Battle of Boonville, MO

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(7-2011) Enlarge The Battle of Boonville historical marker in downtown Boonville, Missouri
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(7-2011) Enlarge The Battle of Boonville pictorial marker near the old fairgrounds

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(7-2011) Enlarge Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon and his 1,700 Federal Troops are transported by steamboats upriver from Jefferson City, Missouri to the Overton Landing (8 miles east of Boonville, Missouri). Lyon was ordered to engage a Pro-Confederate Missouri State Guard in Boonville


(7-2011) Enlarge The Overton Landing - Federal Troops drop-off site (near the anchored barges)

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(7-2011) Enlarge The crest of the Overton Bottoms North landing at Rocheport Road (Federal Troops land at 0700 hours on June 17, 1861


(7-2011) Enlarge Federal Troops travel westbound on the Rocheport Road towards Boonville

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