Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Old Capitol Building Ruins

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Old Capitol Building Ruins
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1. Old Alabama State Capitol Ruins - Tuscaloosa

2. Capitol Park - Tuscaloosa
3. Historic Tuscaloosa - Capital Park

These ruins once served as the Alabama State Capitol after it was moved from Cahaba, Alabama to Tuscaloosa. The capitol seat was then moved to Montgomery, Alabama after being in Tuscaloosa almost 20 years. The old capitol building was repurposed as a female college after serving as the Capitol until it caught fire in 1923 and burned to the ground. Today it continues to serve the state of Alabama as a park where many visitors view it's ruins on a daily basis which harken back to a day when it stood tall and majestic over the Black Warrior River as the jewel of Tuscaloosa.


Old Capitol building, Tuscaloosa
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(2010) Capitol Park rotunda and columns



(2010) Exterior walls and rainspout

(2010) Side entrance


(2010) Front entrance


(2010) Column base carving

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