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Bryce Hospital
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'Bryce Hospital For The Insane', as it was known during Civil War times, is Alabama's oldest mental care hospital opening in 1861. It is located bordering the University of Alabama campus and is currently undergoing incorporation into the UA campus for use as new educational buildings while maintaining the original historical integrity of the buildings' original architecture. A new updated hospital complex is currently being built in Tuscaloosa to treat the remaining patients from Bryce Hospital. UA President Garland's wife and family took refuge in the hospital during Croxton's Raid and the burning of the campus as they watched the scene unfold from the hospital's main building tower. The UA Observatory building's state-of-the-art European telescope lens was also hidden under the floorboards of the ground floor in the main building during the raid to protect it against looting and damage. Croxton's Raiders rode up to the front door of the hospital and were invited in by the Bryce administration. Fearful of a trap they turned around on their mounts and rode off without searching the buildings or grounds.

Bryce Hospital in 1907

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