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(April 2010) Enlarge S. D. Lee
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(April 2010) Enlarge Rosedale: Built c.1855 to plans from Samuel Sloan's 'The Model Architect', this home is considered one of the finest examples of Italianate architecture in Mississippi. Rosedale has recently been restored to it's original 1856 state including original paint colors and wallpaper patterns. The brick for this home was handmade by slave labor. During recent restoration the owner of the home found one of the bricks contained a slave's hand print which was imprinted during the making of that brick. It was carefully removed from the home's structure and is on display by the owner



(April 2010) Enlarge Barry House: Circa 1838. Known for it's fine millwork, this Italianate two-story house features the original Cyprus beams and heart pine flooring. The house was named for William Sullivan Barry and his wife Sarah. Barry, a Yale law graduate, was a speaker of the Mississippi house of representatives, a U.S. Congressman, and President of the 1860 Succession Convention

(April 2010) Enlarge Belle Bridge: Circa 1856. A picture perfect Greek Revival home, the entrance is embraced by an arcadic gallery supported by Doric columns. After the Battle of Shiloh, wounded soldiers were tended to in this home. Built by Richard Evans


(April 2010) Enlarge Riverview: Circa 1854. Riverview is built with a Tennessee Federal exterior of handmade 11 1/2 pound brick and features identical front and rear entrance. Inside a graceful spiral staircase rises to a copula with floor to ceiling stained glass windows. Built as the home of Colonel Charles McLaurin. At the time of the completion, Riverview extended over an entire city block


(April 2010) Enlarge Colonnade: Circa 1860. The asymmetrical placement of the entrance and the bracketed roof cornice show the transition between Greek Revival and Italianate architecture. The upright framework of this home is put together with wooden pegs and the original outdoor kitchen is now used as a guest house. Colonnade was built by William Baldwin a Confederate General and merchant

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