Columbus, Mississippi

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Located in northeast Mississippi, Columbus was founded in 1821 on the banks of the Tombigbee River and was referred to as Possum Town before it became incorporated. Columbus is known as being a hospital town during the Civil War but it started out as a manufacturer of Confederate munitions with a foundry located within her city limits. Eventually the arsenal would be relocated to Selma, Alabama thereby locating it strategically south and in a better position to be protected from Union raids. After the Battle of Shiloh, many wounded soldiers were sent by train down to Columbus thus turning Columbus into a hospital town. It was said that just about every house within Columbus was used as a hospital and many places of business were used as well. Thousands of soldiers were buried in Friendship Cemetery and four Generals are also buried there as well. The Union dead were reintered in other cemeteries in the years following the war. On April 25, 1866 the women of Columbus gathered to place flowers of remembrance on the graves of not only the Confederate soldiers at Friendship Cemetery but also the Union soldiers as well. This eventually turned into the nationally recognized holiday of Memorial Day. Columbus, Georgia claims to have founded Memorial Day but Columbus, Mississippi claims to have been the first city to memorialize both the Confederate and Union dead; a fact recognized by the Library of Congress. Columbus has one of the finest collection of antebellum homes in the state of Mississippi second only to Natchez due to the efforts of Nathaniel Bedford Forrest and his troops fending off several Union attempts at attacking this historic town. Columbus is very proud of it's Civil War heritage and holds a yearly pilgrimage of it's homes and sites which attracts thousands of tourists each year.


(April 2010) Enlarge Columbus historical marker
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(April 2010) William Barksdale plantation site marker



(April 2010) Enlarge William Barksdale Plantation Site: This site is located on the outskirts of Columbus on old Hwy 82. Nothing remains of the former plantation's buildings. Over the years the grounds have been divided into several lots containing various homes and businesses. This building is 'The Junction' which is a family oriented entertainment business

(April 2010) Brownlee Family Plantation Cemetery: This site is located outside of Columbus in the metro area. Nothing remains of the plantation with the exception of this family graveyard located at the corner of an intersection. The plantation grounds are currently comprised of lots with homes on them


(April 2010) Enlarge Brownlee Family Plantation Cemetery


(April 2010) Enlarge James & John Brownlee: Two of the three brothers buried in the Brownlee Family Plantation cemetery who died serving during the Civil War

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