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Photos/Text courtesy of John Guss, Site Manager Bennett Place Historic Site, NC
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(March 2010) Entrance to Danville National Cemetery

(March 2010) Enlarge Green Hill Cemetery, Danville. Major Sutherlin and other important Danville founders are buried at Green Hill



(March 2010) Green Hill Cemetery: Monument to Confederate Dead

(March 2010) Engraving of General Stonewall Jackson, Confederate Monument to the Confederate Dead, Green Hill Cemetery


(March 2010) Confederate Prison No. 6, Danville
Constructed in 1855 as a tobacco factory by Major William T. Sutherlin. This renovated structure housed Union prisoners during the Civil War, 1861-1865. It was one of six Danville Confederate prisons in which as many as 7000 Union soldiers were confined


(March 2010) Confederate Prison No. 6

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