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Photos/Text courtesy of John Guss, Site Manager Bennett Place Historic Site, NC
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(March 2010) The buildings still remain along the waterfront of Danville, which served as a prison facility for more than 7,000 Union Prisoners of War. More than 1,300 perished and were buried in the Danville National Cemetery. Confederate Prison in Danville, Virginia

(March 2010) This exhibit inside the Sutherlin Mansion depicts the prisons established in downtown Danville



(March 2010) Metal vault that held part of the Confederate treasury

(March 2010)

(March 2010) The railroads and the defenses of Danville


(March 2010) The Dan River was a crucial waterway for Danville dating all the way back to the American Revolution


(March 2010) Remnants of the old railroad leading in and out of Danville still exist today. The bridge has become a walking trail for locals and visitors, and the waterfront is being developed into peaceful trails along the Dan River


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