Barton, AL
Skirmish at Barton Cemetery

Photos/Text courtesy of Tim Kent, Tuscumbia, AL
Webmaster for any use of the following  photos

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1. Barton Cemetery
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(December 2009) Enlarge Barton Cemetery

(December 2009) Enlarge Barton Cemetery



(December 2009) Enlarge Picture of the position held by Brigadier General Peter J. Osterhaus division. Brigadier General Wood's brigade was posted to the left and right of the cemetery, the First Missouri Horse Artillery under Captain Landgraeber was posted in the cemetery itself and would be facing to the left in the picture

(December 2009) Enlarge Old cemetery gatepost that was damaged by a Confederate cannonball during the fight


(December 2009) Enlarge Old gatepost


(December 2009) Enlarge Picture is from the Federal line facing the Confederate line on a hill almost one mile away. The direction is facing east

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